Monday, November 03, 2008

Job Action Day - Who's Your Cheerleader?

This post is part of an entire day of useful career advice called Job Action Day, sponsored by Quintessential Careers.

This weekend I was part of an amazing event - The New York City Marathon. No I didn't run. I was a cheerleader. I made it a point to bundle up and go out along the marathon route and encourage runners.

Why you ask? Because everyone could benefit from a cheerleader to help them achieve a milestone.

For me, I was amazed to see the runners smile and pick up the pace when fueled by the sights and sounds of the countless fans pulling for them. Thousands cheered alongside me for everyone brave enough to make the effort. It was contagious.

That very energy made me think about the many different ways we can cheer each other on through the current economic challenges and how we need to encourage each other to continue to follow through on our dreams.

Cheerleaders have always lifted my spirits when I'm struggling. They've kept me going when I wasn't sure I could, and applauded me when I've achieved. And I do the same for my clients.

So with today designated Job Action Day maybe it is not about an action directly for you and your job situation. Maybe it's a little reminder for you to reach out to someone you know, someone you love, or even a friend you haven't met yet and encourage them to finish their "marathon". Encourage them take action with their careers.

Trust me it is contagious.

Who needs your cheerleading today? How might you help that person follow through on their dreams and take action with their careers? Believe me, your spirits will be lifted as well.


Ann Wilkinson said...

So true, Maggie. Being supportive, truly supportive carries more weight and positive energy than a competitive or even vindictive spirit. I have seen time and time again in my career endeavors that the person who has a negative attitude or does little sabotage things never gets ahead, and they bitterly wonder why.

Paige said...

This is so true...what a great post, Maggie.
I just started a Women's Motivation Group. The group is made up of ~8 young professional women and the goal is to make our goals known and to be a support and inspiration to each other, like having our very own cheerleader!

I am so excited!