Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Believe in Your Dreams Part 3 (Guest Blogger Kim Engler)

This the last of three guest posts on Believing In Your Dreams. This one comes from Kim Engler - my friend, colleague and vocal coach. She produced my cabaret shows (click here for a clip from my recent "Follow Your Dreams" show) and is the one who helped me find my voice. By day Kim is a media consultant, presently working in the fashion industry where she produces talent everyday. Here's a Q&A from Kim to help you believe in your dreams.

Q: What are the key steps to believing in your dreams?

Practical willingness: self-inquiry and action based on what is appropriate for your life in the way it is right now
Encouragement: focusing on the practical reasons why your dream is possible and valuable
Constancy: ‘showing up’ and ‘being there’ in a consistent manor
Creative Support: discovering tools that help you to help yourself~ especially cultivating resilience, positive focus, awareness and flexibility
Practical Vision: focusing on the big picture, and taking your best steps, in your way, towards manifesting your dreams

Q: If you had to summarize, what key messages do you send to those whose dreams you are helping to cultivate?

Trust yourself!
Know yourself - better than anyone else (daily practice!)
Believe in yourself - and the ‘how’ will be revealed moment-to-moment
Develop your practical intuition = understand, identify and trust your ‘gut’

For more great advice and insight from Kim, look for www.KarunaMedia.com coming soon or email her at Kimberly.Engler@gmail.com.

On this Thanksgiving holiday, I am very thankful to have the support of Kim and many others to make my dreams a reality. Perhaps there are people who have supported you.

Who's helped you follow your dreams? Who might be in a position to support you in bringing your dreams closer to reality?

Happy Thanksgiving!


Paige said...

Actually, Maggie, you have been such an inspiritation to me and this year I succeeded in fulfilling one of my professional goals and became a certified Career and Life Coach. Thanks!
I really enjoy reading your blog. I especially love seeing you follow your dream. You are certainly an inspiration to your readers, clients and fans.

Happy Thanksgiving!

craig said...


This Thanksgiving I am very thankful for a multitude of things I have in my life, very thankful. And please know one is definitely knowing you. Thank you for keeping to your mission to assist (and to politely push) people such as myself to follow their dreams....it feels great.

Stay adventurous,