Monday, January 12, 2009

Guest Post: Important Reminder About Your Resume

Given that many of us are updating our resumes to keep up in this dynamic economy, what a fitting time for a reminder on resume ethics. This one comes compliments of TJ Hanson, Associate Editor of the Digital Student Blog on ...

When it comes to your resume, think twice about embellishing your past experiences.

One of the key elements in the job search process is to put together a well-polished resume. But no matter how attractive it may appear, a student’s experiences and accomplishments are the critical factors that set the stage for a potential interview and the possibility of a job offer.

Because of this fact, job seekers cannot afford to be too modest. They must sell themselves in the most positive manner possible, finding ways to make those experiences and accomplishments jump off the page.

However, the need to stand out has led many a candidate to stretch the truth and in some cases downright fabricate their list of achievements. These individuals reconcile their actions based upon a definitive belief that employers cannot possibly check the factual content of each resume.

That belief is one all potential job seekers should set aside. The public humiliation of college football coach George O’Leary is proof positive that such actions can come back to haunt an applicant at the worst possible moment.

Have you ever felt tempted to embellish your resume? Do you think it matters if you stretch the truth just a little? Have you ever caught a candidate with a lie on his/her resume?


craig said...

i interviewed a college candidate who mentioned Spanish as a language on her CV. Recently returned from a year living and working in Mexico, I spoke to her in Spanish. "?Hola, como esta?" She didn't understand didn't go well after that.

Maggie Mistal said...

Great point Craig - make sure you truly are fluent in a language if you're going to put that on your resume!

Maggie Mistal said...
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Paige said...

Not a fan of lying on a resume. It is NOT ok, in my eyes.

I have never lied on my resume. I have tweaked my resume in the past to fit a description more accurately, but have always been able to back up the bullet point with my previous experience(s).