Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Facing Career Change in 2009? Tune in For Positive, Practical Advice Wed (Jan 7)

2009 has already been a year of change. I've heard from many people who have come back to work from the holidays only to find a pink slip. Some felt shock. Others anger and still others relief. All were left with many questions as to what to do next.

To help, I'm focusing my radio appearances this week on Martha Stewart Living Radio on SIRIUS 112 and XM 157 on positive and practical steps you can take if you're dealing with an unexpected layoff or want to shift careers this year. All segments are live and listener questions are welcome at 1-866-675-6675. For a free 3-day trial of SIRIUS visit www.maggiemistal.com/radio.

Tune in this Wednesday Jan 7th to SIRIUS 112 or XM 157:
--7:30am eastern, I'll share advice on the key steps to take if you've been laid-off, what to say to family and friends and how to get support if you haven't planned for a pink slip.
--2pm eastern, I'll be talking about where the jobs are in 2009.
--4pm eastern, a full hour of "Making a Living with Maggie." I'll be joined by author and fellow career expert Marci Alboher to talk about how you can shift careers in 2009!

Also check out my new 2009 line-up of teleclasses, webinars and group coaching and get the help you need with your career this year.

Are you dealing with an unexpected layoff? Is it time you shifted careers to something new in 2009? What career goals and ideas would you like to see come to fruition in 2009?

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Anonymous said...

Maggie - I was laid off in October from an employer that offered me tremedous opportunity to be promoted within the company without having a college degree. The benefits and the pay were outstanding. I decided to go back to school about 2 years ago. I'm gaining momentum however I have a way to go. With the current economy I find myself competing for positions offering one quarter of what my previous salary was and with people that may not necessarily have the experience but have the education. I understand that I basically have to start over but was wondering what I need to do to be competitive instead of basically being brushed off because of my lack of education.