Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Don't Wait Too Long to Follow Your Dreams

This weekend I sang my heart out off-Broadway in NYC. The show, entitled "Follow Your Dreams" included me singing jazz classics - each with an inspirational message, as well as a mini-workshop where the emcee took the audience through a fun, interactive dream building session. All of this backed up by a fabulous trio of musicians on bass, piano and trumpet. To check out the bass and trumpet player, visit The Jazz Conceptions Orchestra.

As part of my "walk the talk" philosophy, it's been important to not only tell others to go after their dreams but to be an example myself. I am happy to report that many said it was my best performance yet! I've also made it a point to have others in the show who are walking examples of living the dream. This includes the band as well as the emcee for the show, Craig.

A former financial services consultant, Craig was laid-off in January. For some, losing a job is a negative but for Craig it has been a blessing in disguise. (It was for me too - read my layoff into a positive story.) Resident travel writer for RealHoboken.com for the past 3 years, Craig traveled the world with consulting and published many of his travel adventures. Now with 20 stories in his portfolio, Craig is taking a chance on his dream of becoming a full-time writer.

First he started by taking a Vocation Vacation where he spent two intense days being mentored by a professional travel writer. Next he put himself "out there" as a writer by appearing on Fox & Friends for a career change segment. He also took me up on an offer of career coaching, writing out his day-in-the-life vision as a professional writer. Now four months later, Craig's dream career is becoming reality. He is writing for travel and cultural blogs as well as pursuing several ghost writing opportunities. He has room to grow to get back to his Wall Street level salary but he's excited to use this time to invest in his dream career.

One of the songs I sang in the show was made famous by Madeleine Peyroux, called Don't Wait Too Long. It says, "Take a chance, play your part!" Well Craig is not only taking a chance on his career, he is also playing his part in inspiring others. Thank you for walking the talk Craig!

If you've taken a chance on a new career, share it here. How did you do it? It's okay if you're not there yet. Just share what part you would most like to play in life and career. Don't Wait Too Long because "time can slip away."


craig said...
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craig said...

Maggie it was my pleasure to be part of your truly inspirational show. I am glad I can share my experience and facilitate the interactive session for your audience.

I learned the road to a career transition is not always easy, but when you move forward you can't imagine your life without the change. Trust me, the grass is greener on this side. My advice - follow your dream and yes don't wait too long.

Stay adventurous,

Gail Steinel said...

Maggie and Craig,
Thanks for sharing your stories of following your dreams. Once you start to follow your dream, it is no longer a dream, it IS your life. To me, there was another key message in this post, which is to put yourself out there. Take the risk. This can be done even in your existing job. Don't just follow but lead by putting yourself and your ideas out there.
Enjoy the ride as well as the destination. Thanks for sharing and inspiring all of us.
Gail Steinel

Maggie Mistal said...

Great points Gail. I believe it was Eleanor Roosevelt who said, "Do something that scares you everyday."