Friday, March 06, 2009

Special Webinar: Leveraging Change to Move Your Career Forward 3/19 8pm EST

"I totally agree with Maggie that things happen for a reason - and "change"
allows us to move on because it is the right time. With every bad situation - always look for the positive side."
- webinar participant

Change is the one constant we can count on. I learned that early on in my career when my employer (Arthur Andersen) shut its doors and 80,000 of us across the world were out of work. It's difficult to go through a layoff. Feelings of shock, anger and fear can be overwhelming.

I understand career impacting change and have lived through it and you can too. To help you deal with the career changes affecting you, I'm offering a special webinar on leveraging change Thursday March 19th from 8-9pm EST.

In this one hour interactive session, I'll share a three step process for not only recovering from a career impacting change but also understanding how to use change to your advantage and come out better for it in your career. There will be time for questions to address specific challenges you're having as well. The webinar price is $19.95. For additional information and to sign up, email me at

Here's what participants have said about this webinar in the past:
"Maggie is a true sage and has an incredibly positive outlook on life...Not only was it informative - it gave us a chance to be among all those whose positions have been eliminated and capture some of the feelings that we all probably feel..."

All is not lost if you've been laid-off. Change can work to your advantage if you know how to leverage it. Register and join the webinar on March 19th at 8pm EST.

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Anonymous said...

Maggie, over the years' change' has pushed people into my office for an amateur version of career planning. I always ask one question first, which no one has ever answered at the first meeting. If you could do anything you want, what would it be?

Not what your spouse wants, or what your parents or friends think you should do, just what you want with no input from anyone else.

Change gives people to answer that question for themselves. Apparently very few people ask themselves that question and fewer answer it.

Regards, Mike Policano