Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holiday Gifts for Your Career

I had the honor of being featured in Nancy Colasurdo's column on meaningful holiday gift giving. My contribution...a great gift to test drive your dream job! Read more.

If you or someone you know could use support in creating the career of their dreams, give the gift of career coaching this season. Contact me at to find out more about coaching gift certificates!

Also stay tuned for more in 2009. My New Year’s goal is to reach more people and offer career advice in new ways that might manifest into an ebook, webinars/seminars and more cabaret shows!

What's the best holiday gift someone could give you for your career this year? What's the most meaningful gift you've ever given or received?


Koolzero said...

I just caught part of your show on Sirius and you mentioned giving at hand written thank you card to a boss. Is that sufficient enough or should I also put in a a gift card to a restaurant?

Your career advice guide said...

True, deciding what to gift a colleague can make people sweat. This is indeed a good article. I found another interesting article bout workplace gifting at:

Maggie Mistal said...

It's always a judgment call about what to give your boss for the holidays. A great rule of thumb is to focus on what he/she would appreciate. If you know your boss has a favorite restaurant, chances are a gift certificate there would be appreciated. I'm sure he/she will also like that you thought of them for the holidays no matter what you give.