Friday, October 24, 2008

Now is the Time to Follow Your Dreams

"Do something that scares you everyday." Great words of advice from Eleanor Roosevelt. I love that quote and try to implement it in my own life.

My next "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" moment (thank you Susan Jeffers) will be this Sunday October 26th at 8pm at Don't Tell Mama in NYC. I'm putting on an inspiring jazz cabaret show called "Follow Your Dreams."

I'll be singing standards with a fabulous trio of musicians - Tom McEvoy on piano, Paul Sikivie on bass and Alex Nguyen on trumpet. The show will be hosted by Craig Zabransky who is following his dream of being a travel adventure writer.

If you're in need of some positive, uplifting, entertainment to inspire you to live the life of your dreams, join me. There's no better time to follow your dreams!

I'd also love to hear from you. When was the last time you did something scary and wonderful at the same time? Maybe you are following your dreams and loving it? Would love to hear all about it!


Solana L. Nolfo said...

Maggie: Bravo for following your dreams -- your show on Sunday night was so enjoyable (what a voice!) and incredibly inspirational, to boot. I was especially moved by the way that you presented each song and really connected them all to share your message. Who knows what's in store for me? Only dreams can tell!

Maggie Mistal said...

Thanks Solana! Come on be honest, isn't your dream to be a freelance writer and don't you have a great blog you can share?

Fran Spencer, host of a League of Our Own said...

Maggie: Thank you for inviting me to your show. I enjoyed it immensely. The "Follow Your Dream" theme represented by your songs and reinforced by the transitions between them truly resonated with the audience many of whom shared their dreams as well. It is obvious that you touch all you meet, Maggie, whether by your infectious optimism or through the emotional connection you have with your songs. That's a special magic - you have.

judi said...

Maggie, I was thrilled to be a part of your performance on Sunday night. Your voice is beautiful and you are an inspiration to everyone around you. Everyone can take a lesson from you about not only visualizing your dreams, but taking action to make them happen! Thank you for the opportunity to write two of my own dreams on your pretty pink cards. I loved taking the chance to say it out loud to the crowd and it's a great reminder for me to see it posted near my desk at work. I celebrate your positive energy and I am glad to be a part of your "power" circle. Wishing you abundance, success and happiness as you continue to follow your dreams.

Solana L. Nolfo said...

Yes, Maggie! A successful freelance writing career is indeed my dream. Still working on my time frame but I'd like to see it really taking shape by this time next year. For anyone that's interested, check out my blog, Produce Mamma:


Danielle said...

Maggie -
I'm so sorry to have not made it to NYC for one of your shows yet! Hopefully one day I will. I would love to see you following your dreams, as you've been so inspirational in helping me to follow mine. Congrats!