Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Landing a Job Over 50

I've been getting lots of calls on radio and several emails from people over 50 who want to change careers or land a new job. Many, though quite accomplished, are very concerned that their age will be an issue in finding a new job. Here's my advice if you're concerned about landing a job over 50:

--Write out your ideal job description(even if you think it's impossible.) By articulating what you want, you are in a better position to tell others about what you are looking for and increase your chances of finding it. You're also less likely to settle for the first thing that comes along.
--Read career books. Betsy Cummings book, Job Hunting Over 50, offers practical advice and useful tips. I interviewed Betsy on Martha Stewart Living Radio and got great response from listeners on her advice.
--Go online. AARP has an entire career site dedicated to people over 50. Their site even includes the list of best employers for people over 50! Seniors for Hire is also a job hunting site specifically for people over 50.
--Of course, career coaching can be of help in offering your specific advice on your situation. I'd be happy to do a complimentary 30 min session for anyone struggling with this issue.

And let me know - Has age been an issue in your career? Or have you found the "career fountain of youth" and been able to sustain a great career well over 50?

Post your comments below. I'd love to hear from you!


CoachPaige said...

Great advice, Maggie! I love that you included the AARP career site for those over 50 to view.
I often wonder the opposite for myself. I am under 30, only for a short while longer, and look younger than I am. I know...I'll be thankful one day! I wonder if my age is taken into consideration for jobs that I apply for. Is it possible that the employers think I am too young and want to higher someone older and with more experiences? I sincerely hope that my experience, knowledge, and promise play a higher role than my age.
In this day and age did we ever think we'd face age descrimination...?


Maggie Mistal said...

You make a very good point Paige. What is the perfect age - when you look like you have experience but still lots of energy and drive to get the work done?

chaparonn said...

I'm just now entering the job market at 52. When I graduated from high school, way back in 1974!, the economy was in a terrible recession then too. So I started a business, that up to about three years ago, was viable. In the meantime, I got myself a BA in environmental studies, and decided to look for a job just as the bottom dropped out again last December '08. Just my luck!...everytime I graduate,the economy tanks. However, this time,I would like to find a job. I guess I will have to check out Betsy Cumming's book. Thanks for the heads up on that one!