Wednesday, December 01, 2004

"What if…” – that’s my mantra

What if…you looked forward to going to work?
What if… you made more money in less time and had work/life balance?
What if… your work was fulfilling and meaningful to you and to others?
What if…the only thing holding you back from your dreams was you?

WELCOME to my career community weblog for sharing, supporting and inspiring one and all to find the spark, take risks, set boundaries and achieve career goals. I look forward to hearing your "What if" stories and making this the year where "What if" comes true!


craigz said...

What if…you walked into your boss’s office and asked for what you want? For me, I dreamed of time off, a six month sabbatical, to travel the world and further pursue some personal interests. For more than six years I thought of it, dreamt of it, but did nothing. Then one day, after months of planning, (including talking myself in and out of it many times) I realized now was the time or it may never happen. So this past November, I gathered up the courage to give up my income and take the time away from corporate America.

Immediately, the wave of support from friends & coworkers (including my boss) was overwhelmingly positive. Every one wants you to follow your dreams. It was at this point when I realized the only thing really holding me back from doing what I wanted was actually me. Now, already off for two months I can not even imagine not taking the time.

My first six weeks were spent in Costa Rica, immersing myself in a new culture, exploring its vast natural wonders including numerous surf sessions, and writing about my experiences. Then I spent the holiday season at home with my friends and loved ones, but I will be back on the road again soon. There are still so many places I want to explore, so many waves yet to surf, and so many stories yet to be drafted.

Even now, as I write this, six months hardly seems like enough, but I’ll need to see how far my dollars take me. I can only recommend that everyone follows their desires -you do not want to be saying what if I don’t? I am glad I’m not.

MarcyY said...

What if…you realized that the right career was just around the corner? I always loved interior design but never had any formal training. I had taught myself a lot by doing and ‘re-doing’ my own home and felt I had a natural “eye” for design but was always scared to pursue it without formal training. Who knew all I had to do was ask! As it turned out, a good friend of mine worked in a design store where they sold high-end furniture and design consulting services. They were looking for new designers and were willing to invest in training. I took the job with some hesitation since I had never done sales before. Nevertheless within my first 6 months at the design store, I was not only top seller in the store but Top 10 seller in the nation. I had never experienced success so quickly and easily before. I also had a blast doing it! I had found my passion and it was just around the corner!

Anonymous said...

What if-you could visualize you ideal career, but needed a bit more motivation to get there. I am currently taking Maggie's teleclass on making you new year's career related resolutions for 2005 come true. I have to say, that while I have a pretty good idea of the direction I want to go in, she has helped me visualize my career goal and to lay out the steps needed to make it happen. Her coaching has also motivated me to go the extra distance and put a little bit more effort into my career search. Well worth it - Thanks Maggie.

Maggie Mistal said...

Great "what if" stories. Thanks for sharing and letting the rest of the world know that career and happiness can go hand in hand.

JAN said...

What had the desire to work in a field completely and 100% different than your current one, had not an ounce of experience or education in it and thought it was not even a possibility to pursue? Well, think again! After working in the financial world for over 10 years, I realized where my true dreams and desires lied in terms of a career and that's when I decided to meet with MAGGIE. Not only did MAGGIE help me organize my thoughts and look at the picture in a realistic manner, she managed to help define exactly what I wanted to focus on and to make my dreams a reality. I am now back in school part time pursuing a degree for my new career and there is never a day that I regret this life changing decision. In fact, it helps keeps me motivated at my current job knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel! MAGGIE was the one to help, inspire and encourage me to make one of the most important decisions of my life. She was clearly dedicated to my needs and made me feel like I was her most important client. I'm well aware that anyone can do anything they set their minds to and MAGGIE can certainly be the one to pave the path to your dreams!

Maggie Mistal said...

It's so amazing to see how energized people are when they pursue their dreams. I'm so happy for you Jan to make the switch. It's wonderful now to hear about your progress and support you along the way. The same goes for you Craig and you too Marcy. I am honored to have played a part in making your dreams come true.